For several years Ken Duplex, PipeMaster Plumbing has been our choice for all of our plumbing needs. Ken has proven to be reliable, competent, and honest; we recommend PipeMaster Plumbing.

We have been customers of Pipemaster Plumbing for several years and continue to be happy with the service. We have found *** ****** is a good worker, friendly, considerate, and honest. My husband and I recommend him without reservation.

I normally don’t write reviews but when you find a plumber that makes you feel he is out to help you have a great day you just have to. *** arrived on time with a big smile to installed a new hot water dispenser and a new kitchen faucet, when he looked at my faucet he told me he could fix it and save me the cost of replacing it witched he did saving me a big chunk of money, he then took the time to show me how to service the hot water dispenser for maintenance. So I now have a plumber to go along with the other service people I can trust.

I have worked with Ken over the last five or six years and have been very happy with his work and the care he takes in his jobs. I called Ken from a random flyer that came in the mail that appealed to me and found out later that he was the original plumber when my house was built. Ken has excellent plumbing skills and is very patient to answer questions that novices have. I have used him for several different water projects at my house and will use him again. I have full confidence in recommending him to anyone looking for quality work from an ethical person. Thank You Ken!

Call Ken Duplex for the best plumber in all of Idaho. My mom and I moved into the Meridian ID area about a year ago and needed someone to help hook up our fridge and washer dryer. Ken came to our rescue on a referral from our Real Estate agent Mike Pennington. He has a very good nature and personality. He knows what he is doing, does what he say he is going to do, shows up when he say he will and understands great customer service. What impressed me most is he goes above and beyond. We needed help with some other house related things and he was happy to help, at the time we were going through the move mom and I thought we had found an angel, we were a bit crazed and he had a calming effect on both of us. I know you will not go wrong when you hire Ken to to your plumbing work. I know it has taken a while to get this review written and Ken came over a few weeks ago to help us once again, which reminded me to get this review written.
Wendy B.

Pipemaster Plumbing LLC is a great guy! He arrived on time, gave us an EXACT quote and was very efficient. He even talked my husband through servicing our own water heater and to top it all he caught my runaway dog down the road !! I would recommend this plumber and will be using him again if the need arises.
BBB Review

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